DiOX Elite

DiOX Elite is a wash-in fabric treatment that actively reduces bacterial, mildew and viruses.  It has been tested by Cambridge University’s school of Biochemistry using ISO18184 (Antiviral behaviour of fabrics) and shown to reduce Coronavirus by 99% within four hours.  DiOX Elite will continue to be effective up to 10 washes.

DiOX Elite is an essential weapon in the fight against SARS-COVID and will significantly reduce the risk of contact contamination.  It has been proved that SARS-COVID can remain active for 72 hours which means fabric, from sports kits to bedspreads, can be become the transmission vector for up to three days after being simply contaminated by touch or even just coughed on.


DiOX Elite creates millions of microscopic spikes on a fabric’s surface that instigate a ‘mechanical kill’ puncturing the outer lipid cell of the coronavirus.  This mechanical action is extremely likely to be effective regardless of any viral strains or variances that naturally occur during viral lifecycles, as explained by Dr Graham Chistie, the team leader at Cambridge University’s department of Biochemistry:



Variants that we see occurring are in the spike proteins that stud the surface of virus, rather than the membrane of the envelope. It is the genetic information that encodes this protein that is mutating, and this is leading to very slight structural changes in the shape of the spike. However, the envelope is derived from part of a human cell that the virus grabs from its host in order to protect its genetic material. It is made from lipids, which unlike the proteins do not change.