DiOX is a LiquidNano brand creating high-performance Durable Water Repellent (DWR) stain protection coatings that have the ability to bond to a number of fabrics, from lightweight single ply nylon to complex breathable laminates, and even natural fibres like cotton, silk and wool.

DiOX is certified C0 with no PFCs, the only current DWR coating which can claim this without detriment to performance.

Fabrics coated with DiOX become highly hydrophobic, meaning water simply beads and runs off.  This prevents a fabric ‘wetting-out’ and increases both waterproofing and ‘breathability’.


DiOX prevents water from settling on a fabric creating a waterproof shield


DiOX is extremely durable and abrasion resistant with minimal degradation over many wash cycles


DiOX cannot be detected by touch or sight and has no detrimental effect to the host fabric


DiOX combines proprietary Nano-Technology with Hyperbranched Resins to create an invisible stain protective and hydrophobic coating that bonds to any host fabric at a molecular level. The result is an increase in both performance and durability, and it is currently the leading DWR treatment available globally. DiOX is not a single product and we have the ability to blend treatments to suit the host fabric, ensuring both performance and quality control are always paramount.

DiOX is supplied as a concentrate and is added at dye stage / pre pattern cut via an aqueous solution of cold purified water and then flash dried. We have developed the application to be non-disruptive and fit neatly into early stage fabric mass production.

DiOX currently outperforms all other C0 and C6 hydrophobic coatings for both performance and durability after many wash cycles.


DiOX is certified C0 and has been developed to neither contain or use Fluorocarbons (PFCs) in treatment and application.  We are the only DWR treatment that can boast high performance without using harmful chemicals.

We have developed DiOX to be supplied as a concentrate (to be added to purified cold water) and so our shipping carbon footprint is kept to an absolute minimum.

Unlike other consumer DWR treatments, DiOX is durable and does not need to be re-applied.  This allows us to further reduce our environmental impact with no single use consumer packaging plastics and a reduction on waste water normally used during re-application.

Anyone wanting to be protected from the environment without damaging it should be using DiOX whether they climb, ride, run or just walk to work.


Launched in July 2019 we have taken the apparel world by storm and will be releasing information shortly about our launch partners.

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DiOX has been descried as a game changer and we want to make this technology inclusive for all.  We have an FOC on-boarding program which includes sample testing so we can work with everyone from global multi-nationals to challenger brands.  Our goal is to reduce the environmental impact in performance fabrics and if you feel the same get in touch

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